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Our team

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Bernard Roy


Entrepreneur since his very young age, Bernard Roy has a formation in diesel engine. From 1987, he acquires two school contracts with buses in the Québec Region; always in this region, he diversifies its activities, as a warned businessman, he then bought the Ebenisterie Armoires Nord Sud in 2005.

Always in love with the bus field, 2012 is the benchmark year for Mr. Roy; Autobus Dufresne is purchased with more than 40 vehicules and 50 employees.

Still on track, he acquires Autobus La Prairie in 2013 with more than 20 buses.

In 2014, he acquires a few school circuits from a carrier from the South Shore and in 2015, he bought Service Berlines MTL with more than a hundred vehicles and as much employees.

Involves manager, Bernard Roy has a concern for an efficient and impeccable Customer service but what distinguished him the most is his desire to maintain good jobs in his region.

Humble of his success in business, he remains a father and grandfather loving is family and wanting happiness for the people around him.

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Martin Benoit

General Manager

He is a leader who’s having more than 20 years of experience in the transport industry. Gatherer, leader and mostly motivator, the profitability as well as the growth of the company go through a healthy management of human resources. To get people to surpass themselves for the accomplishment of a common objective is an art that is acquired over the years.

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Caroline Roy

Chartered and After Sales Service Director

In the field of buses for more than 10 years, Mrs. Roy is responsible for providing an enjoyable Customer experience. Indeed, from the reservation of a chartered trip, going throught special requests, Caroline accompanies all our customers. The Satisfaction of our clientele is her priority.

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David Roy

Maintenance Director

David is in charge of a team of professionals and commited mechanics. A fleet well maintained is a guarantee of a flawless customer service.

16 coaches, 85 school buses and more than hundred of sedan require a precise and efficient follow up.

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Johanne Rathel

Administrative Assistant

Having more than 30 years in the field of School Transportation, from driver to administrative assistant, Mrs. Rathel ensures the proper functioning of the finance division of Dufresne.

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Gilles Gauthier

Autobus Dufresne Supervisor

Working in the industry of buses for more than 35 years, Mr. Gauthier has performed all related functions to the profession.

Now in charge of the operations of Autobus Dufresne, he is at work every morning to serve our customers.

450 427-2349 #215 couellette@berlinesmtl.ca

Chantal Ouellette

Service Berlines MTL Inc. Supervisor

Working for more than 14 years in the field of school transport, Mrs. Ouellette has started as a driver and rapidly climbs the échelons in order for now to fulfil the supervision of the operations of Service Berlines MTL inc. Group. Her great knowledge of her field distinguishes her.

Stéphane Soucy

Autobus La Prairie Supervisor

In the dispatching industry of transport for more than 19 years, Mr. Soucy is in charge of the operations management of Autobus La Prairie Group. Its concern to serve well the clientele is considerable.