Who are we?

Autobus Dufresne exists for 50 years. It is main carrier for Huntingdon, Ormstown, Howick, Sainte-Martine, Très St-Sacrement and Mercier. Autobus Dufresne include a fleet of tens vehicles for inter-city transport, a fleet of 20 vehicles for school transportation and adapted transport as well as a sedan serving School commission des Grandes Seigneuries and School commission de la Vallée-des-Tisserands.

Bernard Roy acquired it August 1st 2012 and since the company continues to grow.

Since the acquisition, the intercity/public transport is still in place with CITHSL, a few school bus routes have been added and an additional 20 sedans have been added to the operation.

In May 2013, Bernard acquires a school bus division located in St-Philippe under the banner of Transdev (formerly Limocar), this division becomes Autobus La Prairie. The company includes 25 employees and carry out school transportation for the School Commission des Grandes-Seigneuries and for the School Commission of Marie-Victorin.

In September 2015, a new acquisition and a new challenge, he acquires several sedans from Transdev (formely Auger Métropolitain Inc.), this new division becomes Service Berlines MTL Inc. The company includes 70 employees and perform transport by sedan for the School Commission Marguerite-Bourgeoys and School Commission of Montréal.

At the end of 2016, Autobus Dufresne has a fleet of 170 vehicles and 230 employees.

Holding today boarding permits for the Montréal, the South Shore, as well as for Toronto, chartered transport is back in force under the name of Autobus Dufresne.